Video Excerpts: Oneness and the One Accord, Message 7

In these video excerpts brother Titus is considering the matter of the oneness and one accord as it is seen in the book of Colossians.

The full messages from this conference are available on this website in audio format, while the book is also available in PDF format. To access these materials click on the “Also Available” link below.

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Excerpt One
Sharing the Same Spirit


The oneness of the Spirit is quite simple, because it its an organic fact. We all share the same Spirit, which is expressed through the one Body.

Excerpt Two
The Spirit and the Body


In Ephesians 4:3 Paul exhorts the saints to “keep the oneness of the Spirit in the uniting bond of peace.” For the Body to be organic we must have the Sprit. For the oneness of the Spirit to be real we must have the Body.

Excerpt Three
The Substantiation of the Oneness of the Spirit Is in the One Body


How can we enjoy our regenerated Spirit and the oneness of the Sprit? In the Body of Christ, which substantiates the onenss of the Spirit. Whenever we are with the saints we must have the Spirit. When we are in the church, we must have the Body.

Excerpt Four
In Resurrection there Is Only Christ


We were regenerated in the resurrection of Christ (1 Pet. 1:3). This becomes real to us when the Spirit begins to work on us. In this resurrection there are no elements of our natural man, but only Christ as the one new man (Col.3:9-11). Without the Spirit to make our regeneration real to us we cannot have the reality of the Body.

Excerpt Five
The Oneness of the Body Must Be Organic


The phrase, “the oneness of the Body” is never mentioned in the Bible. Although the term is proper, we must be sure to use it only to refer to a oneness which is organic, in Sprit, in life, and with Christ as its person and operation.

Excerpt Six
Keeping the Oneness of the Spirit Practically by not Making Issues, but Enjoying the Spirit


To have the oneness of the Sprit we must avoid making issues over unnecessary things, or feel that we can produce a oneness by doing certain things together. If we have the Spirit we do not have to force ourselves to be one, but will find that we are one spontaneously by our mutual enjoyment of the Spirit; it is an organic fact.

Excerpt Seven
Even in the One Body, Every Church Must Be Local in its Administration


If we misunderstand the oneness of the Body we will replace the God-ordained local administration of the churches to be replaced. Even though we are in the one Body, every local church should be a local church in action, interaction, fellowshipping with Christ, and taking Christ as the center, as the Head, and as the content of their local church life.

Excerpt Eight
The Administration of the Local Church Cannot Be Replaced Yet No Local Church is Autonomous


The local churches must fellowship with one another, must stand with one another, and must work with one another. No local church can be autonomous, yet all the churches should have a local administration answering to Christ. Yet it is easy for us to say that because we are for the oneness of the Body, the local administration should disappear.

Excerpt Nine
Christ is the Life and the Vitality of the Body


When the oneness of the Body is mentioned, it focuses only on Christ, because only when we focus on Christ, the oneness is there. Don’t make issues by focusing on the differences we have, but keep the oneness by focusing on Christ and the Spirit.

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