Video Excerpts: Oneness and the One Accord, Message 5

In these video excerpts brother Titus is considering the matter of the oneness and one accord as it is seen in the book of Philippians.

The full messages from this conference are available on this website in audio format, while the book is also available in PDF format. To access these materials click on the “Also Available” link below.

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Excerpt One
The Living Out of the Oneness


After covering Genesis, the gospels, Acts, Romans, and Ephesians we come to the book of Philippians. Philippians shows us the living out of the oneness as luminaries. The living out of the oneness as luminaries is through three things: One living, one pursuing, and one fellowship.

Excerpt Two
The Oneness Among the Lord, the Apostle, and the Church


There was a oneness among the Lord, the Apostle Paul, and the church in Philippi. Christ was the center. Then with Christ there was the apostle, who cared for the saints in the “inward parts” of Christ Jesus (Phil. 1:8; literally, “bowels”). The saints, in turn, had the apostle in their heart and loved the Lord through the help of the apostle. Such a oneness shows us that no Christian can live the Christian life by himself.

Excerpt Three
To Know Him and the Power of His Resurrection


To know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings (Phil. 3:10) is a matter of experience. First we know Him, then we have the power of His resurrection, which leads us into the fellowship of His sufferings, which, in turn, is for our growth.

Excerpt Four
Being One by Having the Saints in Your Heart


Oneness doesn’t come by different brothers agreeing to do things together, but by having the saints in our heart (cf. Phil. 1:8).

Excerpt Five
Pursuing the Lord to Gain Him


To pursue the Lord we must in a sense “persecute” Him by not letting Him go (Phil. 3:12; The Greek word translated “pursue” can also be translated as “persecute.”). The Lord has already gained us; now we need to gain Him by pursuing Him, even to the point of “persecuting” Him.

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