A Mature Coworker of God (2)

“The outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah is indeed great, and their sin is exceedingly grave. I will go down now, and see if they have done entirely according to its outcry”
– Genesis 18:20–21

Abraham knew that God wanted him to intercede for Lot, so he persisted by asking, “Suppose there are fifty righteous within the city; will You indeed sweep it away and not spare the place for the sake of the fifty righteous who are in it?” “Suppose forty are found there?” “Suppose thirty are found there?” “Suppose twenty are found there?” “Suppose ten are found there?” (vv. 24–32). In each instance, God agreed with Abraham. This interaction between Abraham and God demonstrated that Abraham had come to know God. He knew that God wanted to spare righteous Lot and wanted him to intercede on Lot’s behalf.

Adapted from A Sketch of Genesis,
by Titus Chu; pages 111-112.

Tomorrow: “A Mature Coworker of God” (3)

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