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Philemon: A Picture of a Beautiful and Heavenly Church Life

July 2011

Philemon is one of the shortest books in the Bible, yet it is also a very sweet book, and one that is rich in the experiences of the practical church life.

It is simply a letter from the aged, imprisoned apostle Paul to a dear brother in the Lord, Philemon. In it, Paul speaks to Philemon concerning Onesimus, a slave of Philemon’s who had run away from him. Onesimus had gone to Paul in Rome, and had been saved through him. Now Paul was sending him back to Philemon, “no longer as a slave but more than a slave—a beloved brother” (v. 6).

This book was the subject of the 2011 Vision Week. During this time we saw that we can learn much from this letter concerning both our Christian life and our church life. The saints Paul mentions in this brief letter, the manner in which he addresses Philemon, and the way in which he cares for Onesimus, help us not in the way of teaching, but by way of experience and example. (more…)


Audio Excerpts: 2011 Spring Conference

April 2011

This conference covered the matter of joy in the Christian life, especially as it is seen in the book of Philippians. As Christians, we should be the most joyful people. This does not mean that we are merely happy, but that we live in a state of joyfulness.

Where does our joy come from? The real joy comes from living a life in which we are one with God, with His servants, and with all the saints for the carrying out of God’s purpose.

What a life we have been called to live! No one has such a blessed life as we do; no one has a life that is so meaningful as ours. Realizing that we have been called to such a high existence, and working together with God to fulfill His desire, should surely fill us with joy. (more…)


Audio Excerpts: Christ, Christ, Christ!

September 2010

The 2010 Labor Day weekend conference was on the book of Philippians, on the topic of “Christ, Christ, Christ!”  Everything in our daily life, in our pursuing, and in our church life must be focused on Christ, Christ, Christ! We seek or desire nothing but the Lord Himself; He is our real blessing and our unique prize.

There were five messages, and selected excerpts from these messages are now available on this website. You can listen to them online, or by downloading them in mp3 format for offline listening, such as on your iPod.

To go to this list of these excerpts click here:

Audio Excepts: Christ, Christ, Christ! (more…)


Audio Excerpts: 2010 Summer Training

July 2010

This training was on the book of Ephesians, stressing in particular the perfecting of the saints for the building up of the Body of Christ (Eph. 4:11-12).

This perfecting requires us to have a proper view of the church. As we see in the first two chapters of Ephesians, the church is the assembly (1:22), that is, the gathering of the called out ones; the Body of Christ (1:23); God’s masterpiece (2:10); the one new man (2:15); God’s household  (2:19); the fellow citizens (2:19), which implies the kingdom of God; and the temple as God’s dwelling place (2:21-22). (more…)


Audio Excerpts: “Christ and the Local Churches”

September 2009

These excerpts are from the 2009 Labor Day weekend conference in Troy, Michigan.

This conference was a further development of what brother Titus had shared in the summer training of that year on “Seeing Christ and the Churches.” It consisted of five messages, and was based, especially in the first two messages, on the Lord’s word in Matthew 13:45-46:

Again, the kingdom of the heavens is like a merchant seeking fine pearls; and finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.

Audio Excepts: Christ and the Local Churches! (more…)


Audio Excerpts: Seeing Christ and the Churches

July 2009

In July of 2009 brother Titus gave a training at the Ashland Woods retreat center in Ohio for a group of about 150 saints. This training was on the topic of seeing Christ and the churches.

There were a total of eleven messages, and the excerpts from these messages are now available on this website. You can listen to them online, or by downloading them in mp3 format for offline listening, such as on your iPod.

To go to this list of these excerpts click here:

Audio Excepts: Seeing Christ and the Churches



Audio Excerpts: Loving the Lord Jesus

January 2009

This conference was given in January of this year to a group of about 150 saints, most of whom were young people, at the Ashland Woods retreat center in Ohio.

The conference was on the very basic, and very crucial, topic of what it means to love the Lord Jesus, and how we can exercise ourselves to grow in our love for Him.

This is a series of 21 excerpts. To go to this list of these excerpts click here:

Audio Excepts: Loving the Lord Jesus



Audio Excerpts: Prophesying Training

March 2006

These messages were given to a group of brothers at a retreat with brother Titus to help them realize what it means to serve the Lord by ministering His word.

This page lists two excerpts we have selected from the speaking in this conference, which are presented in the order they were shared . To make it easier to go through them in sequence we provide links at the bottom of each excerpt to take you to the next one. (more…)


Audio Excerpts: How To Know the Lord’s Leading

April 1999

It is crucial for us to know how to receive the Lord’s leading if we are to go on with Him in a healthy way, and so, many Christians wonder, how can I know the Lord’s leading in my life?

In this brief audio excerpt brother Titus considers this question. The answer he provides is very practical for those who love the Lord Jesus. In brief, he shares that we should not seek the Lord’s leading directly, but rather, should seek to be in the Lord’s presence so that He may give us His leading in the proper time. (more…)


Audio Excerpts: The Psalms of Ascent

January 1988

These audio excerpts are from a conference on the Psalms of Ascents, which are Psalms 120 to 134. It is one of the most lovely  portions in the entire Bible.

The complete messages from this conference are available on this site in PDF format; they form Part One of the book, The Journey of Life, which you can access via the “Also Available…” link below. (more…)


Audio Excerpts: God’s Provisions for Us to Live a Life in Fellowship with Him

January 1980

These excerpts deal with the basic provisions the Lord has made for us to live a life in fellowship with Him: the Spirit, the Blood, and the Word. As Christians, we need to know how to avail ourselves of these wonderful provisions so that we may remain in fellowship with our dear Lord.

The date and location of the messages these excerpts are taken from is not known. (more…)


Audio Excerpts: Born Again

January 1977

In this conference, given in 1977, our brother considered some of the very basic things that happened to us the moment we believed in the Lord Jesus: We received the divine life, a wonderful new position, and so many other heavenly, spiritual, and eternal blessings!

The complete messages from this conference are available on this site as an e-book in PDF format; see the “Also Available…” link below. (more…)


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