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How to Know the Lord’s Leading

Read this article in PDF formatIn this article brother Titus considers a question that many Christians have: how can we know the Lord’s leading in our lives?

Our brother gives a very practical answer, saying that it is not our responsibility to seek the Lord’s leading directly. Rather, our responsibility is to be restful before the Lord and to seek His presence so that He may give us His leading at the proper time. (more…)


How to Study the Bible

Read this article in PDF formatIf we desire to study the Bible properly the first thing we must take care of is our person. We must deal with ourselves so that before the Lord we are one who is simple, consecrated, and spiritual.

Then when our person is right we must take care of our way of coming to the Bible. First, we need to learn the facts, and based on knowing the facts we can go on to receiving inspiration, learning the truth, and, ultimately, having the light of the word. (more…)


Knowing the Divine Life

Read this article in PDF formatEvery believer must pay attention to the growth in life. Your growth in life will eventually lead you to a maturity in life, which comes from the proper understanding of what life is and how life operates.

This article discusses three items that are included in the new life we have received: the sense of the divine life, the nature of the divine life, and the  operation of the divine life. (more…)


Living a Life in Fellowship with the Lord is a Crucial Matter

Read this article in PDF formatTo live a life in fellowship with the Lord requires us to exercise before Him. We must be clear on such matters as the divine Spirit and our human spirit, and we must know the provisions the Lord has made for us to come to Him. In addition, there are certain exercises we need to have, such as calling on the Lord’s name and praying. In this way we can live a life in fellowship with the Lord. (more…)


Open Homes for the Lord’s Testimony

Read this article in PDF formatAccording to 2 Corinthians 1:20-21, for God to be glorified requires God Himself, the saints, and Christ. If we only have the saints, or we only have Christ, it is not enough. One of the best ways to practically have the saints in our lives is to gather together with them in the  home meetings.



Our Experience of the Acacia Wood

Read this article in PDF format

The structure of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament was formed with boards made from acacia wood and overlaid with gold. This is a picture showing us that for a healthy church life we need to have both an uplifted humanity, signified by the wood, and the expression of the divine nature, signified by the gold. It is not right to try to have only the divine expression without a solid experience of the Lord’s humanity. (more…)


Our Experience of the Golden Lampstand

Read this article in PDF formatThe Bible tells us that the golden lampstand in the Tabernacle was made of “beaten work” (Exo. 25:1). We also know from the Bible, as well as from experience, that the lamps needed to be trimmed from time to time in order to shine properly (Exo. 30:7-8). Moreover, we can see three stages of our growth as Christians pictured in the lampstand’s cups, bulbs, and blossoms. (more…)


Series: A Life Full of the Divine Attributes

Read this article in PDF format Eternal life is the basic element of the church life. Therefore, as believers, we need to know what the attributes of this life are.

This life is truly marvelous and unlimited, because it is the life of God Himself. Knowing this life and laying hold of it will make us restful, because we will realize that God is the all-sufficient One who cares for us in every way. (more…)


Series: Practicing to Live with the Present Christ

Read this article in PDF formatWe should seek to know Christ in the way He desires to be known: as the present Christ in His move and economy. Therefore, in this series of messages our brother fellowships with the saints about this matter of coming to the presence of the present Christ by means of calling, singing, Bible reading, prayer, and gathering with others. (more…)


Series: The Sisters, the Blessing of a Local Church

Read this article in PDF formatAlthough the sisters sometimes diminish the importance of their function, their role in a local church is, in fact, absolutely vital to the healthy going on of the church.

This series of messages begins by considering the importance of the sisters as seen in several Old Testament examples. It then goes on the consider the “Virtuous Woman” of Proverbs 31 as a picture of how a sister can become a great blessing to her local church. (more…)


The Living Needed for the Church Life in a Proper and Healthy Local Church

Read this article in PDF formatFor our living in the local church life to be healthy we must have some basic items. First, we must be on the local ground. Second, we must have the fellowship of the Body of Christ. Third, we must have a healthy teaching. We must also have a proper humanity, a proper living, and we must have a way for the gifts in the Body of Christ to come forth among us. Finally, we must walk in love, even as Christ also loved us. (more…)


The Mixed Multitude in Numbers 11

Read this article in PDF formatGod’s calling is always an individual matter. However, if the church life becomes a movement, this will cause ones to come in among us who have never received such a calling. Such a “mixed multitude” can affect the entire church life in a very negative way and even cause the church life to fail.



Treasuring Our Human Virtues for the Church Life

Read this article in PDF formatWhen we believed in the Lord Jesus and received the divine life, we also received that life’s many capabilities, attributes, and virtues. For us to serve the Lord properly these must be developed in us. In this message brother Titus considers a number of the virtues we need to treasure as we serve the Lord in the church life.



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