Articles on the Gospel by Titus Chu

This page lists articles by Titus Chu that deal with the Gospel. They are in PDF format and may be freely downloaded from this page.

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A Savior for You

Read this article in PDF formatJesus can meet our every need, because He’s a Savior for our past, our present, and our future; everything that we need is found in Him!



A Solid Experience of God

Read this article in PDF formatOur experience of God as light is portrayed in the first chapter of Genesis. In this chapter we see God’s shining, and His separating work. Eventually what comes forth is something of the land, indicating that we actually possess something solid and substantial of God Himself. (more…)


Freedom and Victory

Read this article in PDF formatAll the people of the world today live in darkness, in the kingdom of Satan, even if they are just there “by default.” Even if they feel they are free, they are actually in bondage.

However, there was one man in all of human history who was not a victim of the devil: the Lord Jesus Christ.



God is Light

Read this article in PDF formatAs fallen human beings, we are all in darkness. However, the Bible tells us that God is light! (1 John 1:5). We cannot change our behavior by our own effort, but we can open to receive the One who is light into our being, who can set us free from all of our sin and darkness.



Journeying to a Distant Country

Read this article in PDF formatThe story of the prodigal son in Luke 15 shows us two important facts: That God has a purpose, and man has a need. However, because we have sought things for ourselves that are outside of God, we have wandered into Satan’s kingdom. We need to “come to ourselves” (cf. Luke 15:17) and turn back to God again. (more…)


One Savior, Two Ministries, and Two Blessings

Read this article in PDF formatAs our Savior the Lord Jesus has two ministries, His earthly ministry and His heavenly ministry. In the former He saved us from so many things. In the latter, which continues today, He saves us by giving us more of Himself. (more…)


The Lord has Need of You!

Read this article in PDF formatWe may live our lives as those who are in a little “village,” without considering very much what the meaning of our life is. However, the Lord has need of us, and He sends His servants to come and free us from our masters. (more…)


The Meaning of Marriage

Read this article in PDF formatThe marriage relationship between a man and a woman is actually a picture that shows us how God wants man to relate to Him. It shows us that God does not want to be alone in this universe; rather, He wants to have man as His companion. (more…)


The Quest for Peace

Read this article in PDF formatEveryone today desires to have peace, but it seems that true peace still eludes us. This is because we define peace as the world does and seek for it in the form of happiness, rest, or security. In fact, the real peace is God Himself, and He surely desires to give us Himself as our peace. (more…)


Where it All Began

Read this article in PDF format God’s original intention was that Adam and Eve could trust Him completely, remaining continuously in this realm of light and transparency. However, Satan also had his plan for man, i.e., to usurp and abuse him. The situation is the same with us today. (more…)


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