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Series: Jacob—A Life With Heavenly Provisions

Read this article in PDF formatOur relationship with God is not shallow, but rather very deep, and filled with many profound and heavenly experiences. This means it is a very romantic life, and in this sense the most romantic person in the Bible is Jacob. From his life we can see that God has given us some wonderful provisions so that we may live a romantic life with the Lord. These provisions enable us to have heavenly experiences resulting in a positive consummation of our life. (more…)


Series: Peter—A Pattern of Conformation to the Person of Christ

Read this article in PDF formatTwo crucial elements for the constitution of the New Testament ministry are the process of the growth of the divine life and conformation to the person of Christ. The book of First Peter shows us that a person who was so much in himself at the start of his Christian life became one who was stable, mature, virtuous, full of life, one with God, and living a life of God mingled with man. In brief, Peter had grown into a completely different person than the one we see in the four Gospels. (more…)


Series: The Advancement of the Divine Revelations

Read this article in PDF format In this series of messages we will consider Christ and the Church according to the revelations received by Peter, Paul, and John. Each of these apostles intimately experienced Christ and each had a profound realization concerning His Church, but what was revealed to Paul was something further than what was revealed to Peter, and what was revealed to John was something further than even what was revealed to Paul. (more…)


Series: The Body of Christ

Read this article in PDF formatThe Body of Christ is the most important matter in the universe, for it is the increase and enlargement of Christ, the fullness of the One who fills all in all (Eph. 1:23)!

So great a matter is not something that is easy to fully grasp or apprehend. However, in these three articles we touch upon the reality of the Body of Christ, how it is expressed, and how it can be practically lived out among us. (more…)


Series: The Divine Mystical Realm in Colossians: Christ—The Person of the Divine and Mystical Realm

Read this article in PDF formatChrist is the Person of the divine and mystical realm. It is in this realm, where Christ is the unique Person, that the Triune God carries out all that He desires. (more…)


Series: The Life of Jacob

Read this article in PDF formatJacob’s life mirrors the stages of growth of a normal Christian’s life. The life of Jacob has three stages: In the 1st stage Jacob grew up as a typical “second-generation” believer, knowing many spiritual things objectively. He followed his father Isaac, but he did not have a God who was real to him. In the 2nd stage after Jacob left home he began to have real experiences of the Lord. He came to know the Lord personally and subjectively. His life became romantic. In the 3rd stage Jacob became one with the romantic God in His operation. He became a blessing to the entire earth. (more…)


Series: The Living and Exercise of the God-Men

Read this article in PDF formatThe eternal economy of God is the controlling vision of the Bible. Everything is based upon God’s dispensing of life to His chosen and redeemed people. To carry out His economy He needs God-men who in their living are increasingly being constituted with the divine attributes. These God-men are also exercised as stewards able to minister the healthy words of God’s economy. (more…)


Series: The Two Manners of Life

Read this article in PDF formatThe lives of Adam and Eve’s descendants show us that there are only two possible ways we can live our life. These two manners of living follow the two different trees at the center of the garden of Eden: one is in the line of knowledge, and the other is in the line of life. (more…)


Series: The Will of God

Read this article in PDF formatIf our Christian life is to be healthy and meaningful, we must have one fundamental realization: God has a will. God is not purposeless, whimsical, or random. Instead He is full of purpose and desire. If we are clear concerning His will, then we will also have a purposeful and meaningful Christian life. (more…)


The Healthy Constitution of a Blessed Church

Read this article in PDF formatThe Epistle to Philemon is a very sweet one, concerning how to have a blessed church life in a certain locality. This Epistle talks about four constituents in a healthy church: the experienced brother “Philemon,” the serving “Apphia,” the fighting “Archippus,” and the saints in that locality.


A “Philemon” in the church is not only firm, but also has commitment. Because of his firmness, and under his leading, saints will not be anxious for the increase of number or the spiritual ups-and-downs when they are serving. Also, because of his commitment, his presence there brings the steady growth in every aspect of the whole church. Today in the church life we have to learn to be a Philemon, putting ourselves completely into laboring, fighting desperately for the Lord’s testimony in our locality, and becoming the firm strength for the saints.

Note: The date and source of this article are not known. (more…)


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