Audio Excerpts: Prophesying Training

These messages were given to a group of brothers at a retreat with brother Titus to help them realize what it means to serve the Lord by ministering His word.

This page lists two excerpts we have selected from the speaking in this conference, which are presented in the order they were shared . To make it easier to go through them in sequence we provide links at the bottom of each excerpt to take you to the next one.

We also have the full conference on this site, along with further information about this time. See the “Also Available…” link below.

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Excerpt One
Christ and the Word Cannot Be Separated

Unto You, O Lord, do I lift up my soul.
O my God, in You I trust.
Do not let me be ashamed;
Do not let my enemies exult over me.
— Psalm 25:1-2

In this conference brother Titus was speaking to brothers who were preparing to visit some of the churches and share on the Psalms. In this excerpt His burden was to show that, to be healthy, all of our ministry of the Word must be focused on Christ, because the Bible and Christ can never be separated.

In Psalm 25, for example, we might focus on how the various matters that are mentioned affect us personally—whether or not we will be ashamed, asking the Lord to deal with our enemies, and so forth—but if we do this we will miss Christ. In contrast, if we focus on Christ, we can emphasize our need to lift up our soul to the Lord (v. 1); all of the following verses issue from such an exercise before the Lord. We will see that the central point of this psalm is not whether we will be ashamed or not, but our waiting on the Lord. If we truly wait on the Lord, He will take care or our not being ashamed, as well as all of the other matters that relate to us.

Actually we should not just minister in this way, but enjoy the Word in this way and let it become our experience. As we do, our ministering will become quite rich in the experience of Christ.

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Excerpt Two
The Lord Is My Shepherd!

The Lord is my Shepherd;
I shall not want.
— Psalm 23:1

Psalm 23 begins with a divine declaration: The Lord is my Shepherd! We need to make such a strong declaration and take such a stand before the Lord; only then can we have the experiences described in this psalm.

When we make such a declaration Christ will come in, and we will realize that we do not have any wants—not because everything has been taken care of, but because when we take such a stand the entire earth loses its attraction to us.
While the writer does make many statements regarding “me” in this psalm, all of them are based on such a consecration, not on our personal needs. This shows that when we have such a consecration in our daily lives, the Lord Jesus stands out, not ourselves.

If we come to the Word in this way, we will realize that it is not only for us to understand, but it is a divine speaking that opens up Christ to us and gives us life, and when we minister we will surely be a blessing to others.

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