Series: The Secret of Serving the Lord as a Seed

Read this article in PDF formatTruly, truly, I say to you, Unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.
— John 12:24

Immediately after speaking of Himself as a grain of wheat, the Lord went on to speak of how, if we desire to serve Him, we must follow Him (John 12:26). This shows us that if we truly desire to serve the Lord, we must also become “seeds” that fall into the ground and die.

An Excerpt:

There are two aspects to the secret of being a “seed” for an effective operation. On one hand, we ourselves are a “seed,” which means we are good for nothing but burial. The principle of being a seed is for us to be hidden, to be full of life, and to be ready to grow and bear fruit. This is to live the life of the Lord Jesus, who considered Himself as a seed (John 12:24). On the other hand, how do we become such a seed? We must realize that the Lord Himself is the seed within us, and we must give Him the proper way to grow.
—Message One, page 1.

Article One
Being a Seed for an Effective Operation

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To serve the Lord effectively the most basic thing we must learn is the secret of being a “seed” as the Lord Jesus was (John 12:24). That is, we must learn to be hidden, be full of life, and be ready to bear fruit.

Article Two
The Lord’s Example of Being a Seed

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The Lord Himself in the way He lived His life gave us the best example of what it means to serve God by being a seed. Although He was God incarnate, He was willing to take the way of being buried and hidden in order to bring forth fruit in resurrection.

Article Three
The Growth of the Seed and the Four Hearts in Matthew 13

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The parable of the sower and the seed in Matthew 13 shows us the different things in our heart—namely, the worldly traffic, the rocks, and the anxieties of this age—that may frustrate the growth of the Lord as life within us. It also shows us that if our heart is ready we can be the good ground for the Lord to come and grow in us.

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