Read this article in PDF formatIf we desire to study the Bible properly the first thing we must take care of is our person. We must deal with ourselves so that before the Lord we are one who is simple, consecrated, and spiritual.

Then when our person is right we must take care of our way of coming to the Bible. First, we need to learn the facts, and based on knowing the facts we can go on to receiving inspiration, learning the truth, and, ultimately, having the light of the word.

This message was given as part of a series of messages which is available here: “Fellowship for Full-Timers.”

Note: The date and source of this article are not known.

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Comments on “How to Study the Bible”

Rick Miller Tulsa, OK

I appreciated the article “A Religious Living versus Spiritual Reality” very much. I learned that what I thought was being very spiritual was actually very religious behavior on my part. I read that feeling very exclusive usually meant you were religious, and that being more human and warm meant that you were probably more spiritual then you thought you were. Also, if you included Christians who were not against you and tended to exclude unbelievers who were not for you you were more spiritual in reality. The article really helped me by thoroughly exposing how I’ve been for years! Thank you Titus Chu, and thank you brothers that make all this possible and so convenient.


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