Open Homes for the Lord’s Testimony

Read this article in PDF formatAccording to 2 Corinthians 1:20-21, for God to be glorified requires God Himself, the saints, and Christ. If we only have the saints, or we only have Christ, it is not enough. One of the best ways to practically have the saints in our lives is to gather together with them in the  home meetings.


Some of us may enjoy being with other saints, but neglect the experience of being “unto Christ” in our time together. Others may talk of being centered upon Christ but miss the aspect of the church. Some saints have the aspects of both Christ and the church, but they lack being firmly attached. It is not that we are merely responsible to the saints, nor is it that we are merely responsible to Christ. If someone says he only cares for what the saints are doing, that indicates he is unhealthy. If someone say she answers only to Christ, he is also unhealthy. We can only be healthy when we are firmly attached with the saints unto Christ.This is the secret of being anointed. We must be connected with the saints unto Christ. Then we will experience being anointed,for we become part of the “unit” of Christ and the church that God is anointing.
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