Our Experience of the Golden Lampstand

Read this article in PDF formatThe Bible tells us that the golden lampstand in the Tabernacle was made of “beaten work” (Exo. 25:1). We also know from the Bible, as well as from experience, that the lamps needed to be trimmed from time to time in order to shine properly (Exo. 30:7-8). Moreover, we can see three stages of our growth as Christians pictured in the lampstand’s cups, bulbs, and blossoms.

This shows us that for us to grow in our Christian life we need two aspects of the Lord’s work: His “trimming” work, which refers to experiences we can understand, and his “beating” work, which refers to much more difficult experiences that we might find impossible to understand.


What we should be the most afraid of is refusing to be treated illogically. It is not enough just to love the Lord. We must both love the Lord and know how to take things from the Lord. Then there will be the real blessing. But if we never pass through this process then we will never grow. We will refuse to be beaten. We will respond to everything we go through with our logic and reasoning, and this will ruin us. For us to grow, we must learn how to take the beating hand of the Lord (page 4).

Note: The date and source of this article is not known.

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