#59 • Vision Week, December 2016 • Excerpt 12 • “What Is the Focus of Our Labor”

In this week’s program we are continuing to feature excerpts from the recent Winter Vision Week in Cleveland, Ohio. In our previous program, Brother Titus shared about his own experiences of learning to trust in the Lord while still in high school, to illustrate how we must each contact the Lord directly, rather than just consider ourselves as part of a group church life. If you have not yet listened to that program you may wish to do so before you come to this one.

In both of these programs, our brother is referring to Psalm 84:7, which states that “each one” of us must appear before God; that is, we must each have our own, personal experience of Christ. He is also referring to the Old Testament picture of tabernacle, which shows us that while the outer court is necessary, we must not remain there. Rather, in our seeking after God we must go on to enter into the tabernacle to experience Christ directly. So often, in caring for the saints, we only bring them to the meetings, which is the outward form of the church life, and not into the real experience of Christ. This can make it difficult for the saints to persevere in their seeking after Christ.

This program has been edited to remove personal and private references.


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