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Audio Excerpts: How To Know the Lord’s Leading

Wednesday, April 21st, 1999

It is crucial for us to know how to receive the Lord’s leading if we are to go on with Him in a healthy way, and so, many Christians wonder, how can I know the Lord’s leading in my life?

In this brief audio excerpt brother Titus considers this question. The answer he provides is very practical for those who love the Lord Jesus. In brief, he shares that we should not seek the Lord’s leading directly, but rather, should seek to be in the Lord’s presence so that He may give us His leading in the proper time. (more…)

How to Know the Lord’s Leading

Monday, April 19th, 1999

Read this article in PDF formatIn this article brother Titus considers a question that many Christians have: how can we know the Lord’s leading in our lives?

Our brother gives a very practical answer, saying that it is not our responsibility to seek the Lord’s leading directly. Rather, our responsibility is to be restful before the Lord and to seek His presence so that He may give us His leading at the proper time. (more…)



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