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Audio Excerpts: God’s Provisions for Us to Live a Life in Fellowship with Him

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

These excerpts deal with the basic provisions the Lord has made for us to live a life in fellowship with Him: the Spirit, the Blood, and the Word. As Christians, we need to know how to avail ourselves of these wonderful provisions so that we may remain in fellowship with our dear Lord.

The date and location of the messages these excerpts are taken from is not known. (more…)

Series: The Divine Mystical Realm in Colossians: Christ—The Person of the Divine and Mystical Realm

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF formatChrist is the Person of the divine and mystical realm. It is in this realm, where Christ is the unique Person, that the Triune God carries out all that He desires. (more…)

Series: The Two Manners of Life

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF formatThe lives of Adam and Eve’s descendants show us that there are only two possible ways we can live our life. These two manners of living follow the two different trees at the center of the garden of Eden: one is in the line of knowledge, and the other is in the line of life. (more…)

Series: The Will of God

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF formatIf our Christian life is to be healthy and meaningful, we must have one fundamental realization: God has a will. God is not purposeless, whimsical, or random. Instead He is full of purpose and desire. If we are clear concerning His will, then we will also have a purposeful and meaningful Christian life. (more…)

Series: Peter—A Pattern of Conformation to the Person of Christ

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF formatTwo crucial elements for the constitution of the New Testament ministry are the process of the growth of the divine life and conformation to the person of Christ. The book of First Peter shows us that a person who was so much in himself at the start of his Christian life became one who was stable, mature, virtuous, full of life, one with God, and living a life of God mingled with man. In brief, Peter had grown into a completely different person than the one we see in the four Gospels. (more…)

Series: To Serve in Humanity with Divinity

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF formatThis series of messages stresses that to serve the Lord we must have a humanity that is uplifted by our experience of Christ. It does so by focusing on the pattern of the apostle Paul as seen in the books of Romans, First Corinthians, and Second Corinthians. It begins:

Few serving ones realize that a proper service before the Lord is an exhibition of humanity with divinity. The origin of this serving life in humanity is the humanity of Jesus. Most serving ones, on the contrary, often seek other things for their serving life. First, they seek high revelations and rich knowledge. Second, they seek to become dynamic and powerful. Third, they seek after a spiritual exercise which manifests authority. Certainly these are necessary, but not many serving ones realize that these factors are not the real source of an effective operation. To serve effectively there must be humanity with divinity.
— Article One, page 1

Series: The Reality of the Divine and Mystical Realm

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF formatAll who desire to serve the Lord in the church life, edify the saints, and build up the church must first realize what Christ has accomplished for us. The reality of His accomplishment exists for us as a realm that is both divine and mystical. Thus, the key to our serving is to abide in this heavenly realm in which the Triune God is accomplishing His purpose.


Series: The Secret of Serving the Lord as a Seed

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF formatTruly, truly, I say to you, Unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.
— John 12:24

Immediately after speaking of Himself as a grain of wheat, the Lord went on to speak of how, if we desire to serve Him, we must follow Him (John 12:26). This shows us that if we truly desire to serve the Lord, we must also become “seeds” that fall into the ground and die. (more…)

Series: Fellowship for Full-Timers

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF format Those who seek to serve the Lord on a full-time basis face some particular challenges in their Christian life. This series of messages covers basic matters that relate to our person, our seeking of the Lord, and our spiritual operation, for us to serve the Lord effectively. (more…)

The Healthy Constitution of a Blessed Church

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF formatThe Epistle to Philemon is a very sweet one, concerning how to have a blessed church life in a certain locality. This Epistle talks about four constituents in a healthy church: the experienced brother “Philemon,” the serving “Apphia,” the fighting “Archippus,” and the saints in that locality.


A “Philemon” in the church is not only firm, but also has commitment. Because of his firmness, and under his leading, saints will not be anxious for the increase of number or the spiritual ups-and-downs when they are serving. Also, because of his commitment, his presence there brings the steady growth in every aspect of the whole church. Today in the church life we have to learn to be a Philemon, putting ourselves completely into laboring, fighting desperately for the Lord’s testimony in our locality, and becoming the firm strength for the saints.

Note: The date and source of this article are not known. (more…)

Series: Being a Brother

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF format The highest place ordained by God for you is to be a brother. Regardless of how manifested you become, always remember that you can never be more than a brother. If you appreciate your being a brother, you will be adequately protected.

I hope I can impress you with this. The highest place to which you can attain in the Lord’s recovery is that of a brother. Satan’s work is to cause us to despise our place as common and low. This is why some are not satisfied with being simply brothers. Too many saints have been stumbled after growing so well due to the thought that there is something further they should have arrived at or gained. We must realize that from the beginning we have been given the highest in being placed as a brother in the church life. (more…)

Series: Confronting Crises in the Full-time Serving Life

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF format As a person grows spiritually, various crises are bound to confront him. Just as there are particular problems with each stage of our physical growth, so it is with our spiritual growth. In this series of messages we consider the three major crises that every serving one must confront and deal with if he is to serve the Lord effectively. (more…)

What We Have Been Given and How We Should Operate

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF formatThere are two parts to this message. First, we consider a number of the very wonderful items that we as believers in Christ have received from God: The Lord, who is Christ, life, and Spirit; the Bible; the saints; and our environment. Second, we see that based on what the Lord has given us we should function in the church life and grow and even be perfected as Christians. (more…)

Series: Serving the Church of the Living God as the Organic Body of Christ

Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Read this article in PDF format The apostle Paul wrote three books of the New Testament which were entirely focused upon the practice of the church life: First Timothy, Second Timothy, and Titus. In these three epistles we can see how the church should operate, how the church should bear the testimony, the relationship between the church and the workers, and how to handle the situation when the church becomes degraded. (more…)



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